Saturday 2 May 2020


The only surviving portrait of Parson Woodforde, that painted by his nephew Samuel Woodforde R.A., is in urgent need of  conservation. The portrait is owned by the Weston Longville Parochial Church Council but the Society has agreed to launch an Appeal Fund. The work is being undertaken at the Houghton Conservation Studios. Contributions can be made by bank transfer to the Society's account: Sort Code 20-53-77, Account No. 50737097. A Gift Aid form can be obtained from the Society's Treasurer.
APRIL 2020

Jennifer Thorpe - Nephew Bill goes to Sea
Martin Brayne - Mr Du Quesne and 'Clarissa': a Family Link
The late Roy Winstanley - Woodforde as Pro-Proctor
Martin Brayne - Fothergill, Winstanley & Woodforde
The late Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from an Unwritten Diary

Friday 27 March 2020

Bank details

Members should know that the bank details given in the Portrait Appeal letter contain an incorrect sort-code. The correct sort-code is 20-53-77.

Wednesday 18 March 2020

December 2019

Cherish Watton - Nancy Woodforde: Weston Parsonage Housekeeper?
Martin Brayne  - Four Oxford Friendships
Martin Brayne  - "A Prouder Being does not exist"
Lee Abraham - Oxford Frolic Report
Irene Fleming  - Woodforde's Bankers
Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from an Unwritten Journal
August 2019

David Sharp - George 4th Viscount and 1st Marquess Townshend
Martin Brayne - Mr Potter's Subscription List
Carole Child  - British Diarists of the XVIII & XIX Centuries: Richard Hayes
Katharine Solomon - The King's Observatory
Obituary - Brian Pateman
Jennifer Soan - The Contents of a Norwich Milliner's Shop, 1785
Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from an Unwritten Journal
APRIL 2019

Martin Brayne - The Family of Thomas Roger DuQuesne
Francis Steer - Mr DuQuesne of East Tuddenham
Katharine Solomon - Stuart Loyalties/ Another note on Clementina Sobieski
Alan Ovenden - Charles William Marsham of Stratton Strawless and Francis Anne Custance
Jennifer Soan - With Napoleon in Russia 1812
December 2018

Richard Wilson - The Townshends of Honingham
50th Anniversary Frolic Report
Obituary - Michael Platt
Jennifer Soan - White's 1845 Norfolk
Martin Brayne  - The Parson Woodforde Society, the First Fifty Years, Pt 3
Letter from Janet Beresford to Dr Woodforde
Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from an Unwritten Journal

August 2018

Adrian Habgood-Rose - Parson Woodforde and the Sticcado Pastorale
David Sharp - Woodforde, the Townshends and the Poachers
Katharine Solomon - Book Review
Martin Brayne - The Parson Woodforde Society, the First Fifty Years Pt 2
Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from an Unwritten Journal
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April 2018

David Case - The Parson Woodforde Society: the First Fifty Years
Mary Barham Johnson - The Country Parson
Carole Child - The Revd John Smith's Wife
Chris Hicks - More on the Abduction of Clementina Clarke
Martin Brayne  - The "undutiful behaviour" of Mrs Jeans
December 2017

Martin Brayne  - The Life and Wit of Sydney Smith
W.M. Jacob - Book Review
Martin Brayne - In Search of Sam
Frolic Report
In Memoriam - Peter Jameson
Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from an Unwritten Journal
August 2017

Martin Brayne - The Keppel-Palliser Affair
Carol Child - Mrs Davie's half-brother: Thomas Roope
Jennifer Soan - The seafaring life of an eighteenth century Norfolk Quaker
Two poems of William Crowe
Martin Brayne - Bliss & Bandinell: Fathers & Sons
Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from unwritten Journal