Tuesday 8 July 2014



David Case - Jane Woodforde (formerly Gardner) - The Wife of Samuel Woodforde
G.C. Morphett - A Synopsis of the Diary of Dr John Woodforde, Surgeon on Board the 'Rapid', 1836
Randolph Lieb-Warmsworth - Dr William & Dr Samuel George Woodforde
Jane Epps - The Wilson Family of Lyng Continued
Letter to the Editor - Katharine Solomon on the expression 'Prime Minister'



Brian Pateman - "Ubiquitous Domestic Items" -Candles
Heather Pearson - Mr Howes' Family - a Follow-up
Katharine Solomon - Georgians Revealed
Martin Brayne - British Diarists of the Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries No. XXXV: Harriet Arbuthnot
Carole Child - The Two John Wilsons - Father & Son
John Heighes - Woodforde's London
Martin Brayne - Junius - Who & Why?

Friday 21 February 2014

Sale of Contents of the Estate of the Custance Family of Weston

This sale of contents ( principally furniture and silver) of Weston House, Weston Longville, Norfolk will take place at Mallams, St Michael's Street, Oxford, OX1 2EB  at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, 26 February, 2014.

The catalogue can be seen online at www.mallams.co.uk

Winter Journal 2013


Carol Child - A Forced Marriage ( what became of the 'forced marriage' between Robert Astick and Elizabeth Howlett);
Caroline Mosey - An imaginary Coversation ( between James Woodforde and Horace Walpole);
Martin Brayne - Of Kinglakes and Woodfordes (the relationship between the travel writer A.W. Kinglake and the Woodforde Family);
Book reviews:
Richard Wilson - The Diary of Mary Hardy
David Case - Tracing your Ancestors' Childhood
Letter to the Editor (Katharine Solomon)
"Lusor" - Frolic Report
Frolic Quiz
Mary Barham Johnson - The 'Unwritten' Diary of Mrs Bodham (cont.)