Tuesday 13 March 2012

Forthcoming Spring Journal

The forthcoming (Spring 2012) Journal will include:
Martin Brayne - ROBERT POTTER - "A Sensible and an Handsome Man" - a brief biography of Woodforde's fellow Norfolk clergyman Robert Potter of Scarning.

David Stoker - ROBERT POTTER'S ATTACK ON DR. JOHNSON - Did Potter really, as has been alleged, detest Dr Johnson?

John Heighes - A Step Further Back in Time: Some Extracts from ROBERT WOODFORD'S Diary  - the Diary of Woodforde's great-great-grandfather written at the outbreak of the Civil War.

Carole Child - The Revd JOHN SMITH: a Mystery - Why did Smith break off his engagement to Mrs Davie?

Martin Brayne - Additions to the Printed Book - in the light of the advent of kindle what do we like about books? In memory of the late Paul Minet.