Saturday, 24 June 2017

Journal - April 2017

Martin Brayne - Tracking down "the Dutchess" - a history of Mr & Mrs Howman of Hockering
Brian Pateman - A Hope Expressed, a Hope Fulfilled - Woodforde and his Somerset relations
Martin Brayne - Dawson Turner - Banker, Botanist and Antiquary
The late Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from an Unwritten Journal (of Mrs Bodham)
David Case - 'Miss Case of Southwood'
The late R.L. Winstanley - The Amorous Career of George Davidge or Scenes of Village life
N.B. From January 2017 the Parson Woodforde Society Journal and Newsletter will be published THREE times a year - in April, August and September

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Winter Journal 2016

Carole Child - A Look inside Dr Buchan's Domestic Medicine
Lusor Redux - Frolic Report 2016
Frolic Quiz
Heather Edwards - Corrections & Additions to Vol. 10
Sheila Harrison - Weston Longville: Portrait of a Village
David Case - 'In Memoriam' - Mrs Marjorie Futter
Margaret Bird - Book Review: H. Edwards (ed.), The Diary of James Woodforde, Vol. 7
John Heighes - Book Review: Deidre Le Faye, Jane Austen's Country Life

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Jennifer Soan - British Diarists of the Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries No. XXXIX, Elizabeth Dimsdale
Martin Brayne - Cousin Frank's Last Accounts
Richard Wilson - Book Review: "The Amiable Mrs Peach"
In Memoriam - Robin Gibson
The Late Robin Gibson - Mr Hindley - "Very Kind & Polite"

Friday, 12 August 2016

SUMMER JOURNAL 2016 contains:

Margaret Bird - British Diarists of the Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries - Robert Marten
Richard Wilson - Book Review: Williamson, The Lost Country Houses of Norfolk
Katharine Solomon - Mr Du Quesne & Lambeth Palace Garden
Martin Brayne - Two Bristolian Fellows
The late R.W. Lamb - Parson Woodforde and Yarmouth - "A Sweet Town"
The late Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from an Unwritten Journal

SPRING 2016 JOURNAL contains;

Martin Brayne - Bigamous Relations at Ansford Inn
The late Cynthia Brown - Notes & Queries
Carole Child - More on John Cartwright Maynard
Chris Hicks - The Abduction of Clementina Clarke by Richard Perry
Martin Brayne - 'A Highwayman came riding'
The late Mary Barham Johnson - Leaves from an Unwritten Journal (cont.)
WINTER JOURNAL 2015 contains:

Carole Child - The Rooke Sisters
Mary's Frolic Sketch-book (the work of Mary Price)
Keith Marshall - Belgium 18 June
Martin Brayne - Woodforde and the Wickhams
Lusor Redux - Wells 2015 Frolic Report
Frolic Quiz
Martin Brayne - Book Review (VCH, Somerset XI: Queen Camel & the Cadburys)
Carole Child - Joseph Banks's Journal 1767
From The Castle Cary Visitor ( Jan. 1896 - Samuel Woodforde RA)
Frolic Quiz - answers